Drinking while shopping at Liberty Center? That’s a possibility if Liberty Twp. approves district in restaurant area

The owners of Liberty Center have asked the township to declare the mega mixed use center a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA), meaning outdoor drinking could be done in certain areas.

If approved, people who visit places like the Kona Grill, Cooper’s Hawk and other restaurants in the center area could drink alcoholic beverages beyond the doors of the eateries, and in stores while shopping.

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The application was filed Friday and says the designation fits within the township’s comprehensive plan and will boost economic development.

“The DORA designation complements this vision and will enhance the growth and development of the area,” the document reads. “It’s anticipated the DORA will foster continued interest and investment in Liberty Center.”

There are already DORAs in Hamilton, Middletown and Mason.

A public hearing will be held March 5.

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