Levees along Great Miami being made safer

Levees along the Great Miami River are being made safer thanks to some “good earth material” from construction projects in Warren County.

Workers are leveling the “very steep” levees on the west side of Franklin and near Germantown Road in Middletown, said Kurt Rinehart, civil engineer for the Miami Conservancy District.

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The improvements, Rinehart said, will allow for easier maintenance of the levees. He said because of their angle, the levees were difficult and dangerous to mow. Sometimes, he said, the mowers slid on the banks.

Rinehart said about 40,000 pounds of dirt from construction sites in Franklin and Springboro are being used during the project. He said the contractor donated the dirt and the conservancy paid about $10,000 to have it hauled, Rinehart said.

He called that price “a really good deal.”

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Rinehart said that much dirt would have cost the conservancy $80,000 to purchase.

The project was a “win” for everyone involved, Rinehart said.

“It worked out well for all,” he said.

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