Letter from the Publisher: Our commitment to you this election

Dear readers:

Nov. 3 is marked “Election Day” on my calendar, but the general election is really a process, not a day. In Ohio, absentee voting by mail and early in-person voting started Oct. 6, and by Friday, 30% of Ohio’s registered voters had already cast their ballots. This unprecedented change in how people vote could delay the timing of results — in local, state and national races. We want you to understand what’s happening once the polls close and to know you can count on us for reliable, accurate and fair election news.

Where we get our results information: For local races, we rely completely on local county boards of elections and the Ohio Secretary of State. We have reporters in constant contact with these entities, monitoring not only the results, but also the processes themselves.

For races outside Southwest Ohio, our information comes from the Associated Press or other newspapers — all of which rely on local boards of election and the secretary of state.

We will not declare that a candidate has won or lost a race until it is verified by one of these sources or proven to be mathematically impossible to be otherwise.

Where to find the most updated results: We will constantly update election results at Journal-News.com beginning as soon as the vote counting starts around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. We will keep those tallies up-to-the-minute, 24/7, until all ballots are counted in each race. We will not display a percentage of total votes counted, because the number of absentee ballots this year may make that number inaccurate.

What we’ve done to cover the election so far: Our team of more than 70 journalists have worked for months to dig into local races and issues. You can find all that information — literally hundreds of stories — at https://www.journal-news.com/elections/. We’ve also held a half-dozen live forums, some with candidates, others with experts to delve into the issues. Those are also archived at https://www.journal-news.com/elections/.

Our commitment to fairness and balanced coverage: We know our readers have different political views — some lean Republican, some Democrat, some Independent and others something else entirely. We have not endorsed any party or candidate. In our coverage we have striven for facts and balance, and that will continue to be our focus and commitment.

If you see something, tell us: If you experience problems in this election cycle, please let us know. We will investigate every credible complaint and report our findings. You can contact us at bnt@daytondailynews.com.

Save your paper for posterity: When a winner is declared in the presidential election, the Journal-News will serve as a commemorative piece of history. We will have extra copies available for purchase at single copy outlets.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the Journal-News. It is an honor to serve you and our community.

Jana Collier