Latest numbers show Taylor Swift tour stop in Cincy to bring $92M to local economy

Taylor Swift’s two shows in Cincinnati are expected to have a direct economic impact of $48 million dollars, according to data from the Cincinnati Regional Chamber and Visit Cincy.

The organizations reached that number by estimating the amounts of money people will be spending on hotels, concert tickets, transportation and food and beverages on June 30 and July 1, when Swift’s Eras Tour will be at Paycor Stadium.

The majority of the spending is expected to be seen in the downtown area but businesses from across the region will see a boost in revenue, according to experts with the Cincinnati Regional Chamber’s Center for Research and Data. The chamber also said hotels across the Tri-State will likely reach 95% capacity with room rates surging.

“(It’s) the only city in all of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to host this incredible event,” Visit Cincy President and CEO Julie Calvert said.

“This fact creates a unique draw for the Cincinnati region for our hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, women and minority-owned businesses, who no doubt will benefit from visitors – local, Midwest, and Southern region combined — to grow their business while at the same time creating an amazing experience that will benefit our region well beyond this weekend.”

Some Taylor Swift fans are traveling from other cities, like Marisa Salasky who lives in Indianapolis.

“I can’t believe that she’s finally touring again. It’s been five years,” she said. “I’m going from the Red era and I’m dressing from the 22 music video, so the “not a lot going on at the moment shirt.’”

Salasky is one of many planning to stay in a hotel for the weekend. Emily Rich has similar plans, coming from Cleveland just for the Eras Tour.

“I have a really clear memory of hearing Teardrops on my Guitar as a single on the radio, thinking, ‘I really love this song, I need to know who it’s by,’” she said. “I think kind of since then, I’ve been listening to Taylor for, forever.”

The Cincinnati Regional Chamber said it’s expecting hotel occupancy in Greater Cincinnati to reach 95%.

The overall economic impact of the entire weekend is expect to reach $92 million. That means Swift’s concerts nearly double the money flowing into the city from June 30 through July 2.

“The overall impact truly demonstrates how our region is uniquely positioned to attract and accommodate such a large event,” said Brendon Cull, President and CEO of the Cincinnati Regional Chamber.

“We are a region at the center of a densely populated larger region that has 20 million people within 200 miles. Between the concerts, Reds homestand, and an FC Cincinnati game, visitors will see that Cincinnati is a world class city that can concurrently support several large events.”

How the Chamber got those numbers

“We look at other cities and what’s happened when Taylor’s visited there and then we’re also looking at expected hotel occupancy,” Brad Mason, the marketing manager for the Cincinnati Regional Chamber.

Restaurants such as E+O Kitchen are preparing for the increase in business.

“A lot of people know how Garth Brooks gets, I’m expecting it to be a lot bigger than Garth Brooks,” Brianna Arter, the marketing and events coordinator for E+O Kitchen said.

The restaurant is trying to make their business as Swiftie-friendly as possible, with purple lights and flowers, a special Lavender Haze drink and a California Roll with purple rice for the Speak Now era.

“We’re getting everyone in the spirit of her music, just kind of adapting to the Taylor Swift culture as is,” Alter said.

Swift’s concerts are also expected to create more than 900 jobs along with generating nearly $3.8 million in tax revenue, which includes $1.6 million in local taxes, $1.4 million in state taxes and $750,000 in federal taxes, the chamber said.

“Cincinnati is ready to welcome both Taylor Swift and all the ‘Swifties’ with an amazing experience,” Calvert said.

This latest announcement just adds to Swift’s hype. From reports of thousands of ticket-less fans showing up outside the stadiums, to people getting amnesia after seeing her show, Swift’s arrival in the Queen City is going to be a big deal.

Swift’s show is a three-hour long experience that takes fans through her immensely successful career with nearly 50 songs off her albums “Lover,” “Fearless,” “Evermore,” “Reputation,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” “Folklore,” “1989″ and of course, “Midnights.”

If you’re one of the lucky ones with tickets or a Swiftie hoping to catch a glimpse of the show, click here to see what you can expect to hear in her setlist.

Fans who have been trying to get last-minute tickets know all too well that resale tickets will cost thousands of dollars. And keep in mind, there are a lot of scammers out there willing to take advantage of desperate fans.

The Better Business Bureau said to look for ticket resellers that have a consumer protection policy. They also recommend paying with a credit card. If resellers ask for an unusual form of payment, such as gift cards or wiring money, it’s a red flag they may be a scammer.

Fans should also keep their eyes open — more tickets may become available.

Ticketmaster may release tickets in the days leading up to the concert. According to Ticketmaster’s website, additional seats may be released that were previously held. The company says when events are very popular, seats with obstructed views may even become available for purchase.

Better Business Bureau suggests checking resale sites as it gets closer to the date of the concert, as it’s likely sellers will drop the prices the closer it is to the show.

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