Judge overrules request to keep Lakota board member Darbi Boddy from today’s meeting

Lakota school board member Isaac Adi is still trying to keep Darbi Boddy away from him ahead of today’s school board meeting, with court motions filed late Friday, but the judge ruled she may attend.

Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge Greg Howard issued a partial stay of a civil stalking protection order late last week, allowing Boddy to attend the meeting. Adi’s attorney filed a motion late Friday asking him to vacate the order claiming it was “insensitive” to Adi. Howard reiterated his permission this afternoon.

“Counsel claims the court’s order is ‘insensitive’ to his client. The court took all of the facts of this case into consideration when issuing the order that it did, including that apparently three school board meetings have been held since the initial filing of the CSPO and that both Petitioner and Respondent have been present and there have been no issues,” Howard wrote.

He also noted the meeting is a public place with a police officer present and his order ensures Boddy and Adi won’t have one-on-one contact, because he will arrive after she does and she won’t leave until five minutes after he goes.

Adi’s attorney Rob Lyons complained last week that Howard did not hold a hearing before relaxing the protection order.

“The Court’s granting of Respondent’s motion is not only insensitive to Petitioner, it completely disregards the purpose of the Civil Protection Orders in general,” Lyons wrote asking for hearing and adding, “Respondent’s attendance at the school board meeting may cause irreparable mental and physical harm to Petitioner.”

Adi obtained a protection order that Boddy not come within 500 feet of him and other restrictions because he claims she has been harassing him and causing him mental distress.

Boddy’s attorney filed a motion opposing Adi’s request. On Monday he told the Journal-News Howard’s order “means Darbi gets to go to the meeting tonight as she should.”

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