Kings Island implements chaperone policy due to ‘unruly’ behavior

Rule allows one chaperone per 10 guests.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

WARREN COUNTY — Kings Island is implementing a chaperone policy following an uptick in “unruly and inappropriate behavior,” the park said in a press release.

Under this new policy, all guests ages 15 and younger must be accompanied by someone who is at least 21 years old. If they don’t have a chaperone they will not be able to enter the park after 4 p.m. If they are already inside, they will need a chaperone to be allowed to stay in the park for the evening.

According to the park, the chaperone must show a valid government-issued photo ID at the park entry. The rule also allows one chaperone per 10 guests. Children and teens who are caught not following the rule could be asked to leave the park. The rule applies to all Kings Island ticket and season pass holders, the park said.

“We believe these changes will help ensure that Kings Island continues to have a positive atmosphere where generations of families and friends can gather for a day of safe fun and good food,” the park said. “Millions of guests have counted on us for exactly that, and we will continue to deliver on that promise for generations to come.”

Over the past two years there have been multiple violent incidents at the park and affiliated locations including a stabbing at Camp Cedar. Last summer, four men were arrested following a crime spree at the park.

On April 15 during opening weekend, a teenager at the park was arrested for having a stolen pistol and bullets. Records show the teen climbed a chain-link fence to enter Kings Island and trespassed in several areas, taking off when asked to speak with police officers.

Kings Island temporarily suspended rides in its Action Zone during the incident.

The gun was recovered by police; it is a Smith and Wesson semi-automatic.

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