Jail food costs, airport maintenance force changes to Middletown budget

Middletown City Council recently made some adjustments to its 2018 budget, including expenses for operations at the city jail, overtime costs for narcotics enforcement, and maintenance at Middletown Regional Airport.

In his staff report, Finance Director Jake Burton said Middletown police has one narcotics officer who is assigned full-time to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration’s Dayton Division.

He said that “agreement began in October 2017 in an effort to combat the bigger picture crime issues in the region that ultimately impact the city of Middletown as well.”

Burton said as part of the agreement with the Dayton DEA, the city pays this officer’s base salary and is reimbursed for all of this officer’s overtime expenses related to the DEA.

He said the amount reimbursed to this point is approximately $8,000. However, because this overtime is not related to the city’s narcotics division activities, these funds need to be added back into the narcotics division overtime budget in order for them to continue to operate at full capacity for the remainder of the year.

The supplemental appropriation for the city jail inmate food was something that council was previously made aware of.

Burton said when council approved a new contract in November 2017 with CBM Managed Services for jail food service, city officials anticipated costs to be $175,145 a year. However the 2018 budget allocated $127,458 for jail food service and city officials told council at the time of the contract approval that a supplemental would be needed at some point.

He said the supplemental appropriation was for $46,488 was needed for the remainder of 2018 as there are about 14 weeks remaining for the year.

The average jail food bill this year has been $3,320.59 per week, he said.

Burton said the supplemental appropriation will bring the total jail food costs for the year up to $173,946, slightly below the estimated contract amount of $175,145.

The additional $50,000 of funding for the airport will be used to address unexpected costs for maintenance issues that present safety hazards or create problem workspace conditions as identified through the annual insurance carrier facility inspection and an ongoing runway light rehabilitation project.

The projects planned for the additional funding include the installation of an airfield electrical vault door, a fuel truck storage shelter/building, and the relocation of a washer and dryer at one of the hangars.

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