Is that right? ODOT says street signs with typo will be corrected

Drivers along a stretch of Ohio 177 in Butler County may have looked up at new street signs and thought something didn’t look right.

And they are correct, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Four signs on Ohio 177, also known a Hamilton-Richmond Road, now say Hamilton-Richman Road. Kathleen Fuller, ODOT District 8 public information officer, said the mistake began with a typo on a work order.

The signs were erected as part of a systematic sign upgrade project throughout Butler County in the late summer and fall. A contractor replaced hundreds of signs in the county.

“This project went though a contractor for fabrication,” Fuller said “How this happened with the wrong name, we checked the plans, there was a typographical error on ODOT’s part for the first reference, but on subsequent references in the plan sheet had it corrected ... and the contractor still made the error.”

ODOT will pay for correcting one sign, and the contractor will be responsible for the other three. The cost is about $90 each.

Fuller said the department will be sending an inspector out to take look at all the 200-plus signs that were part of the contract. But an inspector does not check the signs at the time of fabrication or installation.

Some on social media wondered why the installing group would not have noticed that the new signs did not match the spelling on the existing pieces.

“It happens,” she said, noting people make typos on work plans and even when fabricating signs. “You know, we all make these mistakes."

There is not yet an estimated timeline for when the corrected signs will be erected. Until then, motorists should keep in mind they are traveling a road from the Butler County city to the Indiana city, not one that will take them to “Richman.”

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