‘I summoned myself’: Even Butler County Clerk of Courts not exempt from jury duty

Credit: Eric Schwartzberg

Credit: Eric Schwartzberg

Even Butler County Clerk of Courts Mary Swain isn’t exempt from jury duty.

Swain shared her summons through social media Monday. She is prospective juror No. 661 and will begin calling nightly on Nov. 16 for two weeks to determine if she should appear at the county Government Services Center for jury selection the next day.

So, this happened — again. I summoned myself for jury duty for the second time. Lol. 🏛

Posted by Mary Swain on Monday, October 5, 2020

It’s ironic Swain received a letter from herself to herself, but it is not the first time since she took office in 2011.

“When I first became clerk of courts, I had been there about four months when I summonsed myself and didn’t serve that time,” Swain said.

But years ago, when she first began working for a common pleas judge, she did serve on two juries, one civil and one criminal.

In Butler County, potential jurors are selected from the pool of registered voters.

“It is completely random. The potential jurors are drawn by computer,” Swain said. “My name was drawn and if I call in and my number is up so to speak to serve, I will do it. Now, whether they will keep me for a potential jury trial, or whether they will excuse me that is up to the judge and the attorneys.”

By statute, Swain is the keeper of court records, but she noted she is an administrator and doesn’t read individual cases files.

“It is not very likely whatever case would come up I would familiar with it,” Swain said.

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