House, car in Trenton hit by gunfire

Trenton Police were searching for a person in distress Wednesday night when officers heard multiple gunshots ring out near Third Street.

“We had a person in crisis. A family member called, but they fled when we arrived,” Trenton Police Chief Patrick Carr said.

Officers searched for the person “for a period of time” when they were located and taken to a hospital.

“While we were looking for the person in crisis, officers heard gunshots ... (they) responded to a different location and found shell casings in the street,” Carr said.

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A house and vehicle near the intersection of Third Street and Madison Avenue were hit by gunfire shortly before 11 p.m. There were no injuries.

“We don’t know if the house or car were targeted,” Carr said, “But multiple rounds were fired.”

Monroe, Oxford, Middletown and the Butler County Sheriff’s Office were in the city to assist with the two incidents.

“We are grateful for the level of mutual aid that occurred,” Carr said.

The chief said the shooting incident is under investigation with possible witnesses and video being gathered.

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