Have you been to a freestanding ER?

While freestanding emergency departments have been growing around the U.S., most of these new centers have been concentrated in Ohio, Texas and Colorado.

As of 2015, Ohio had the second highest number of freestanding ERs in the U.S.

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These emergency departments have the ability to provide crucial care in areas that don’t have full service hospitals and might otherwise not have immediate access to these health services.

Freestanding ERs also play a business role, referring patients to affiliated hospitals for higher revenue services like operations or admissions.

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If you have recently been treated at a freestanding ER, we would like to hear from you for a story about the growth of these facilities. Why did you decide to go to a freestanding ER? Which one did you go to? What role did the location of the ER play in your decision? Were you able to be treated at the freestanding ER or did you need to be transferred to a larger hospital?

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