He has been a Hamilton stalwart, and now he’ll be leading an important community center

Hamilton native Samy Broyles has been named the director of the Booker T. Washington Center (BTW). He has been active in helping with programming at the center and helping the underserved in the community.

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The Great Miami Valley YMCA oversees the operations at BTW and made the move to promote Broyles, who will replace Tanya Lowry, who served in the position since 2014. She will remain in another capacity with the YMCA.

Broyles, who has lived in Hamilton his entire life, spent many of his formative years participating in programming at the BTW.

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After graduating from Hamilton High School, Broyles went on to attend Miami University, where he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Organizational and Cross-Cultural Leadership.

While at Miami University, Broyles returned to BTW as a volunteer through the Service-Learning program which integrates community service into course content, helping participants gain real world skills while contributing to the community.

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Woody Fitton, President and CEO of the Great Miami Valley YMCA, said Broyles is a natural fit for the position and will deliver leadership skills that will help the BTW continue to successfully serve the community.

“I am very proud of how Samy has grown, not only as a leader of the Center but also as a community leader,” Fitton said. “He is a great role model for young adults in Hamilton.”

Broyles, who served as program director in 2016 and community and program director in 2017, has plenty of experience at the BTW.

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Having grown up in the community, he feels that his ability to serve as a positive role model and relate to the children served at BTW will be an asset in his new position.

“I love my city and community and the support they have shown me,” he said. “I would like to thank God for blessing me and using me as a mentor for the kids at the Center. I would like to thank my fiancé Joy Monrose for riding this journey called life and I would like to thank all my family, friends, and mentors for supporting me at many different levels.”

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