This donation in honor of a Hamilton giant will help families throughout the community

Angel Lombert and his Latino organization Sounds of Quisqueya joined Hamilton Mayor Pat Moeller and Samy Broyles of the Booker T. Washington Center to make a large food donation Thursday to go to needy families in memory of community leader Butch Hubble, who passed away in 2014.

Hubble was also the director of BTW and served on many boards in the city. He founded the Hamilton Community Council in 2004.

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Lombert said it was an honor to do something to help those in need and also to be able to do it in honor of such an upstanding citizen as Hubble. The donation was provided to BTW, which will distribute the food to needy families.

“It is an honor to help families and be here to make a donation in memorial of our friend Butch Hubble,” Lombert said. “Butch was a good friend of the whole city of Hamilton and as an activist helping families. This is Black History Month and we want to commemorate the good things that he has done.”

Moeller said he was honored to be a part of the presentation and noted that it represented many of the positive acts of giving that go on in the city.

“I am a friend of Angel’s and I knew Butch Hubble and he celebrated diversity and brought different people and cultures together,” Moeller said. “He was such a leader in our area.”

Moeller said that he received a call from Lombert stating that he wanted to put together the food donation in Hubble’s memory and felt it was a great idea.

“Angel gave me a call and said he put this together,” Moeller said. “He volunteered hours at Kroger in order to come up with these food items, and he’s helping 25 families.”

Broyles said the food donation means a lot because it helps benefit families that the BTW serves.

“The first thing on my list when I come to the center is what can help the kids and the families we serve,” Broyles said. “This donation is huge because it honors Butch - a mentor of mine growing up - and helps the families in the communities we serve.”

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