Hamilton’s anticipated ‘Embrace’ sculpture is on the way, should arrive Wednesday morning

The 25-foot-tall ‘Embrace’ sculpture, which will be installed at the newly reconfigured intersection of Main Street with Millville and Eaton avenues, should arrive in Hamilton on Wednesday morning.

It’s about a 650-mile journey from Little Rock, Ark., where the brushed stainless steel artwork made up of two intertwines swirls was fabricated, to Hamilton.

“We will arrive at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning for install and should be done by the end of the afternoon. I have a crane scheduled to meet me there," sculptor Hunter Brown wrote in an email to the non-profit City of Sculpture, which ordered the artwork.

The sculpture, paid for by private donations, was commissioned to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the year when then-Gov. Bob Taft formally declared Hamilton to be “The City of Sculpture.”

It will be the second-tallest sculpture cared for by the City of Sculpture organization, behind only “The Hamilton Gateway,” located in front of Hamilton’s city government tower at 345 High St.

Brown in March of 2019 explained his thoughts behind the artwork to the Journal-News.

“I wanted to make something that would be some forms that were simple, but interact with one another to kind-of make a stronger overall piece together,” he said. “They may not be real interesting as one, but together, they make something special. I think that’s iconographic for the community, maybe, these forms working together for a greater cause or a greater good.”

As it turns out, that concept works with a theme Hamilton has recently adopted, “We is greater than Me,” or the shorthand with the math symbol, “We > Me.” Hamilton has been urging residents to become more involved with their neighborhoods and the community-building neighborhood organization, 17Strong.

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