Hamilton water on its way to Texas flooding victims, first responders

More than 100 cases of Hamilton water will be sent to Texas residents who have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey struck Texas this weekend as a Category 4 hurricane. Wind damage is widespread, but flooding is the true disaster. Feet of rain have already fallen and more is to come, with the potential to flood the city of Houston.

Hamilton officials were eager to help and started doing an inventory of the city’s bottled water immediately in order to prepare a shipment to Texas, according to City Manager Joshua Smith.

“We have 100 cases going to Pearland, Texas, 90 going to the Salvation Army and 10 going to Pearland’s first responders,” he said.

The cases of water will be sent later this week, according to Water Superintendent John Bui.

Mayor Pat Moeller said that the city is more than willing to help those in need, adding that last year Hamilton sent water to Flint, Mich., after it was discovered that the water supply there was tainted with lead.

“I am proud to be able to help,” Moeller said regarding the water being sent to Texas and last year’s haul to Flint.

Hamilton’s water donation to Texas will make it way courtesy of Cincinnati-based Matthew 25 Ministries, which is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization.

“We will be taking food, water, personal care products, baby supplies, cleaning supplies and first-aid items,” a spokeswoman for the group told this news outlet. “We will be making a trip down there in the next couple of days but this will be an ongoing operation as we will be shipping supplies even when the disaster relief team gets back.”

Donations to help Hurricane Harvey victims can be dropped off at Matthew 25 Ministries, 11060 Kenwood Road in Blue Ash.

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