Hamilton warehouse destroyed in massive fire was sold 2 days ago

The abandoned warehouse destroyed by a massive fire this morning was just sold on Tuesday.

Butler County Chief Deputy Auditor Dawn Mills confirmed the warehouse changed hands for $200,000 from CTP Funding LLC to Coast Boulevard Associates in Glendale, Arizona. The $14,433 tax bill has been paid on the building.


The Journal-News left a message with the new owner seeking comment

Hamilton's Executive Director of Public Safety Scott Scrimizzi said the building, which has been vacant for years, has been a hazard. The fire was so hot — 1,100 to 1,200 degrees, fire officials are estimating — because the building contained plastic molds and cardboard.

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“Our fire prevention office has been in there … there was a business doing some stuff in there and we shut them down,” Scrimizzi said. “There’s been no activity there for quite some time. It’s always been for us a nuisance because of the lack of maintenance for the building, lack of maintenance for the sprinkler and alarm system, so we get a fair amount of fire alarms there.”

Fire Chief Mark Mercer said he believes Beckett Paper may have done some warehousing at the building at one time.

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