Hamilton staple Milillo’s Pizza announces closure

A Hamilton west side pizza staple is closing, but the owners just don’t know when.

Milillo’s owners posted on their Facebook page they will be closing, answering a question after a listing was posted online advertising the pizzeria for rent.

“While we do not have an official end date at this time, we can confirm that Milillo’s Pizza will be closing,” according to the Facebook post. “Unfortunately, the business suffered heavy losses due to construction, the pandemic, and the ever-increasing costs of goods and services and has not been able to recover. We thank our loyal patrons for your continued support during this difficult time, and we will do our best to serve the same food you know and love until the very end.”

This is sad news for patrons of the take-out pizza restaurant, which has served generations of Hamiltonians.

Thea Wells Jeffries posted on the Milillo’s Facebook page that the news of the closure “really hurts.”

“Love Milillo’s Pizza, such a big part of Hamilton history,” she said.

Laurie Sanfillipo posted: “My favorite memories are standing inside with a parent waiting for our name to be yelled out when our pizza was ready. Some of the best pizza ever! This makes my heart sad.”

The family-run restaurant has been open since 1968.

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