West Side Little League is Hamilton’s version of ‘Rocky’

Hamilton Mayor Pat Moeller said the 12-year-olds embody a blue-collar work ethic and fortitude demonstrated in the ‘Rocky’ movies.

Hamilton City Council has been impressed as it watched the West Side Little League come back from a tough defeat in the Little League World Series.

“West Side Little League, I think that’s our town’s version of ‘Rocky’,” Mayor Pat Moeller said during Wednesday’s council meeting. “After you lose 9-0, then you come back, win a couple games, that’s grit. I’ll be honest with you, that’s Hamilton, Ohio. And we wish them the best of luck.”

“Rocky” is a sports drama created by and starring Sylvester Stalone, and has spawned five sequels centered on the boxing career of the eponymous character, Rocky Balboa. Rocky is known for his blue-collar work ethic and intestinal fortitude.

“They do reflect us, and they are great ambassadors of us,” Moeller said. “Keep on winnin’.”

“I was able to watch that game today,” added Council Member Eric Pohlman, referencing Wednesday’s 4-3 win over New Hampshire. “It was a great game.”

Council Member Carla Fiehrer noted that after one recent game, “On ESPN, Top 10 Plays, the center fielder for Hamilton was in the Top 10 Plays.”

ExploreHamilton team two wins away from winning Little League World Series

Moeller noted after the original Rocky movie, there was Rocky II, and so on.

And then on Thursday, the team won again, in its third straight elimination game, by a 4-2 score. If the team wins two more, the team of 12-year-olds would become Ohio’s first-ever world champions.

Following Thursday’s victory, Moeller said Hamilton’s players “are already champions, but they are also similar to the boxer Rocky the way they come back from losses. Well coached, fun to watch, and they have that blue-collar work ethic. Even more proud of them.”

ExploreWest Side's Little League dynasty started more than 30 years ago, and continues....

West Side Little League has won 19 state titles and advanced to the Little League World Series five times, including this season, since the non-profit youth baseball league began in 1952.


Tom Seaver Division championship

12:30 p.m. Saturday: West Side Little League vs. South Dakota (ABC)

Hank Aaron Division championship

3:30 p.m. Saturday: Michigan vs. Hawaii (ABC)


LLWS Consolation game: 10 a.m. Sunday (ESPN)

LLWS Championship game: 3 p.m. Sunday (ABC)

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