Hamilton agrees to expand JEDD, Fairfield Twp. to consider next month

Fairfield Twp. will discuss the expanding the JEDD by nearly 11 acres at its Feb. 14 meeting.

The city of Hamilton and Fairfield Twp. are entering into another economic development tax-sharing agreement.

Hamilton City Council last week approved a resolution that would designate 10.92 acres into a joint economic development district, or JEDD, and establish a distribution of net income tax revenue.

“The area is along Princeton Road where Bridgewater Church is, across from Arby’s,” said Hamilton Finance Director Dave Jones. The income tax split will be a 75%-25% split favoring Fairfield Twp.

Fairfield Twp. and Hamilton created the initial JEDD between the two local governments in August 1996, known as the Hamilton-Indian Springs JEDD, which incorporated the northwest area of Bypass Ohio 4 and Ohio 129. This area includes Walmart and Menards.

Jones said original JEDD between the neighboring communities brings in about $545,000 a year with a 75%-25% split favoring Hamilton.

The Hamilton-Indian Springs JEDD was expanded in August 2004 to incorporate the land that includes Bridgewater Falls, and Jones said brings in about $535,000 a year, and the local income tax is split 75%-25% split favoring Fairfield Twp.

The next expansion of the economic development agreement was approved in March 2017 and is along Gilmore Road, which includes Story Point and the Fairfield Twp. fire station. The local income tax, which currently draws about $70,000 a year, is evenly split at 50%-50%.

This second expansion of the JEDD added 209 acres of undeveloped land, and extended the JEDD contract through 2086 with automatic successive 30-year renewals that require a 180-day written notice for either government to opt-out.

The third amendment to the Hamilton-Indian Springs JEDD is still pending Fairfield Twp.’s approval. Township trustees plan to discuss this JEDD at its Feb. 14 meeting. It extends the JEDD agreement until Dec. 31, 2093, with two automatic successive 30-year extensions with the same opt-out notice.

The 10.92-acre area does not include the new Casey’s General Store currently under construction adjacent to the expanded JEDD, according to the township.

Fairfield Twp. Trustee Shannon Hartkemeyer said this expansion would be a benefit for the township’s future.

“Fairfield Twp. continues to partner with surrounding communities on projects that are mutually beneficial,” she said. “We are looking forward to the new businesses that are going to be opening in our community.”

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