Flavors of Fairfield highlights diverse culinary scene

The city of Fairfield is collaborating with Travel Butler County launched the Flavors of Fairfield pass program.

“Flavors of Fairfield highlights the unique food options we have right here in Fairfield,” said Mitch Rhodus, mayor for the city of Fairfield. “Visiting our local restaurants and bakeries as mayor, I’m blown away by all the cool, authentic dining spots we have around town. You can find a great diversity of food choices from around the world all within Fairfield.”

The program, which aims to highlight cuisines from around the world, will run through Wednesday, May 15.

Flavors of Fairfield invites residents and visitors to experience Fairfield’s diverse restaurant scene in a new way. Restaurants ranging from West African to Nepalese to Peruvian and more are featured on the digital pass.

“This is a really great program that was started in partnership between the city of Fairfield and Travel Butler County, and it does a wonderful job of highlighting small, locally owned international restaurants and bakeries. This is a fantastic way to get out and try new cuisines that people may not have heard of or tried before,” said Tracy Kocher, president and CEO of Travel Butler County.

It started in April as part of National Food Month.

She said the program is something Travel Butler County and Fairfield staff have been discussing for several years. The idea started prior to the pandemic.

“In 2024, we thought this was the time to circle back to the idea and share all the amazing food and cuisine that Fairfield has,” said Kocher.

One restaurant to try is Hot ‘N Spicy Restaurant & Bar, which is a Nepalese and Indian restaurant. Patrons enjoy their Momos, which are small dumplings that are nicely seasoned and delicious.

Another restaurant to visit is Mofon Go City, a Dominican and Caribbean restaurant at 7373 Dixie Highway. They serve Mofongo, which is fried and mashed plantains, in a variety of different flavors – including cheese, chicken and sausage.

Om India is another Fairfield favorite. Om India features Tandoor oven and traditionally cooked dishes, homemade chutneys and sauces, and freshly made naan bread.

Trinity Diner specializes in West African dishes. They offer a “Peanut Butter Soup,” which is a peanut-based soup with assorted meats, including mackerel and beef. Several Mexican bakeries are also part of the Flavors of Fairfield.

Kocher stressed that the small businesses in Fairfield and those throughout Butler County are the heart and soul of each community.

“I’m most excited that we are able to highlight small, locally-owned businesses, and lots of places that people may not have heard of or tried before, and bring them to a larger audience, and I encourage people to get out and explore those places, because you might discover a place that is new to you that you really enjoy,” Kocher said.

Diners who visit eight or more participating restaurants or bakeries during the program period will be entered for the chance to win one of two $1,000 gift cards or one of two $500 gift cards to Jungle Jim’s International Market. The drawing will take place after the program concludes on May 15.

“This is a nice way to tie in Jungle Jim’s International Market, which for a very long time has been the heartbeat and soul of the International cuisine scene in Fairfield,” said Kocher.

All foodies who visit four or more restaurants will receive a “Spork” medal souvenir to commemorate their achievement.

“This is a fun, interesting way to commemorate your adventure,” Kocher said.

The Flavors of Fairfield passport for the program is a digital pass that can be found online at flavorsoffairfield.com. It is free for participants to sign up. Participating restaurants will provide guests with a code that has to be entered on the passport. More than 20 different Fairfield restaurants and bakeries are participating.

Also visit TravelButlerCounty.com for more information.

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