Fitton Center offering new classes for fall: What you can do

The Fitton Center for Creative Arts will offer both online and in-person classes for the fall, including new online options like Comics & Graphic Novel Studio as well as familiar in-person favorites such as Drawing Studio, Functional Pottery, Printmaking, and Mosaics: The Joy of Breaking Glass.

Kate Rowekamp, director of education and digital content producer at the Fitton Center, said a wide variety of sessions will be offered, including Printmaking, Yoga, Pottery and Mosaics that are geared toward adults as well as Drawing and Painting, Youth Drawing Studio for kids, and a teen Pottery class.

She said in addition to the traditional in-person classes, the Fitton Center is also launching virtual classes for the first time this fall.

“One thing that we’ve really excited about is the online yoga class … I know some people have not felt comfortable with doing a physical activity in the presence of other people, so I think that offering is really good, especially given the current circumstances, that way people can do yoga, destress, get exercise and they can feel more comfortable in their own homes,” Rowekamp said.

With online classes, participants can engage from their own homes and have an opportunity to socially interact with the instructors and other participants. Classes typically run for six weeks.

“Even though it’s online, you are going to be able to see your classmates and your instructor. You are going to get that socialization that I know a lot of people are missing out on right now, and it will be the same quality and caliber of class that we would typically offer,” Rowekamp said.

One-day workshops will be held for kids and adults. For example, there will be a workshop on Moroccan Mosaic Bracelets offered for children ages 12 and up. Adults 21 and older can enjoy a Prints + Pints course.

“Right now, more than ever, it’s really important to support the arts, but also, the arts are here to support the community…It’s great to have a creative outlet, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of different things that people can get involved in,” Rowekamp said.

To view a copy of the Fall 2020 Education Brochure, or to register, go to Safety protocols and social distancing guidelines will be in place throughout the Fitton Center for in-person classes. Classes and workshops must meet the minimum enrollment to be held.

The Fitton Center also offers students a Scholarship Program, which was created for students of all ages. The scholarships give participants the opportunity to experience a class at the Fitton Center. Applications are available by calling (513) 863-8873, ext. 110, or by downloading an application at

“We have the opportunity to give anybody who applies one class every year, and for our younger students, in addition to one class, we also give one camp during the summer,” Rowekamp said.

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