Fairfield manufacturer to expand, add new jobs for 25th year in the city

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

Credit: Michael D. Pitman

In its silver anniversary year in Fairfield, ART Metals Group is expanding its building and workforce.

To help the business that has spent the past 25 years of its 79-year history on Symmes Road in Fairfield, City Council approved a 60% property tax abatement with the company and CMPCO Real Estate, LLC over the next seven years.

“The company is forecasting substantial growth and has proposed construction of an approximately 30,000-square-foot addition to its existing 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility,” said Fairfield Economic Development Manager Nathaniel Kaelin.

The expansion of the building should be complete in early 2022, according to ART Metals Group, which leases the building from CMPCO Real Estate.

“What we’ve been lucky enough to have happen for us is we’ve been working with a customer for almost two years and that customer has provided us a very exciting contract which is the reason why we’re here,” ART Metals President and CEO Marlon Bailey.

ART Metals Group, 3795 Symmes Road, manufactures and supplies metal stamping and assemblies, thrust bearings, and coining services. Bailey said its breakdown is 40% automotive, 40% industrial, 20% highway trucks. About 20 percent of Arts Metals Group’s overall business is export, Bailey said.

As part of the deal, a second agreement was signed by ART Metals Group to compensate the Fairfield City School District for $10,195 per year and Butler Tech for $155per year over the seven-year CRA. These payments make up for any school revenue that would have been lost due to the property tax abatement.

Bailey said they are “very excited about the project” that will allow the company to take on 10 new full-time employees, and that hiring process is starting now. The new total payroll is expected to be just under $2.7 million.

The 30,000-square-foot expansion is estimated to cost about $2 million, and the company plans to invest $3.1 million in new equipment, according to the CRA.

Bailey said that new equipment should arrive this fall.

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