Fairfield manufacturer looking to grow workforce

A Butler County-based company is looking to expand its workforce.

Cent Roll Products, which got its start in Cincinnati in 1986 as Central Roller, manufactures rubber covered and metal rollers and molded urethane products. It moved to 4866 Factory Drive in Fairfield in 2005.

The company started out small with one employee, two lathes, and “a simple mission to provide quality products and service to the graphic arts and industrial roller market,” according to the company, which was founded by Patrick and Cristina Findley.

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In 2015, the company changed its name to Cent-Roll Products to represent the expanded portfolio of services that it provide for customers. The name reflects the company’s past and identifies with its future, said Patrick Findley, the company’s president.

Cent Roll has 32 employees and plans to add several more in the next few months, Findley said. The company employs people of various skill levels for general labor positions, skilled technicians and machinists during a first and second shift.

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We asked Findley about the challenges face Cent Roll and its trajectory for growth. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: “What are the biggest challenge your company and others in the industry are facing and how is your company uniquely positioned to address that challenge?”

“Our biggest challenge is hiring general labor and skilled technicians. We offer an apprenticeship type training program so that we can hire employees without the previous experience if they can demonstrate the aptitude and attitude required to be successful.”

Q: Why are current hiring efforts crucial for the company’s present and near future?

“Our business is based on the quality of our product and that is directly related to the quality of our employees. We’re very proud of our employees and the effort they make to produce quality products for our customers.”

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Q: What’s the most prevalent roadblock the company encounters when it comes to hiring and what can jobseekers do to remedy that situation?

“Unfortunately, we see a growing number of applicants that seem less interested in personal growth and dedication to their careers. This is evidenced by high turnover rate on previous jobs due to attendance issues.”

Q: What’s your vision for the company’s growth in the next five years?

“We anticipate steady growth over the next 5 years and have been preparing for that growth by adding on to our building and adding additional machines to improve our efficiency and capabilities.”

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