Escape room attraction coming to downtown Middletown

Rodney Hunter’s next move to keep people in Middletown is an escape.

Room Xscape is set to open Aug. 26 at 1131 Central Ave. as the next business in the growing Torchlight Pass building.

“That particular block … is really developing well and I wanted to be a part of it,” Hunter said. “I wanted to offer a business that also offers some things around it, so there’s more to do than come to the escape room.”

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That includes recently opened restaurant Gracie’s on the first floor, plus Triple Moon Coffee Company and West Central Wine down the block, and the city’s Broad Street Bash concert series on the corner of Central and Broad.

Situated on the second floor of the four-story building, escape room participants are locked in a room with a 45-minute timer counting down, then given hints, clues, puzzles and riddles to solve. As they solve the puzzles, they get closer to finding the key to escape the room.

“This is not a haunted house, by any means, but it gives that thrill factor … with a different vibe,” he said.

Hunter, who graduated from Middletown High School in 2007, brought non-contact boxing to children in grades kindergarten through six at the Middletown Family YMCA, owns a basketball training business, and a production company specializing in senior and wedding photography.

Last year, he organized the inaugural celebrity basketball game, one of the last events held at the former Vail Middle School before it was torn down.

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