Edgewood’s new $1.2 million sports turf, stadium upgrade taking shape

TRENTON — The future stage of glory for Edgewood school sports is now being unfurled from giant rolls of synthetic turf in the beloved stadium centerpiece of the community.

Workers are scrambling over what in August will be unveiled as Butler County’s latest prep athletic field to convert to a second-generation of plastic turf playing surface.

The more than $1.2 million renovation project of Kumler Stadium, located on the western edge of the city of Trenton, is one of the most anticipated upgrades of Edgewood school sports since the original turf field was installed in 2008.

“This is something we had to do with the age of the turf, but it’s also exciting,” said John Thomas, director of business operations for Edgewood Schools, which draws students from Trenton and three adjacent townships.

“A lot of kids (here) play sports and there’s a lot of alumni and a lot of tradition around here with all the programs that play on this field on a regular basis. People get excited when they start to see you are upgrading your facilities and it’s a neat thing to be part of that,” said Thomas, a former sports coach and long-time official with the school system.

Edgewood was among the first of the Butler County school systems to install a synthetic grass sports field, but that turf had reached 14 years old, which exceeds the lifespan of most artificial athletic surfaces.

The $1.2 million will come from the district’s permanent improvement funds — not Edgewood’s operating budget fund that handles the day-to-day functions of the school system, said district officials, said Thomas.

He said the funds for the additional upgrades will come from donations and advertising at the stadium.

And some of those donations will come at the gas pump.

In an agreement with Edgewood Schools, Todd’s IGA Express in Trenton is allowing customers to donate 3 cents per gallon — another 3 cents will be matched by the store if a rewards account is used — toward the stadium project.

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The renovation project, which is scheduled to be done in late August, will also include a new track, locker rooms; stadium lights; expanded concession area; expanded student weight room and press box along with an upgraded stadium entrance.

Edgewood High School Head Football Coach Scott Clemmons said the new turf field and track will impact thousands of school students who don’t play sports but will use the field for marching bands, physical education classes, non-school youth sports, adult recreational activities and more.

And said Clemmons, “it’s huge for all those sports to get the opportunity to be out here.”

“A lot of the community and a lot of different teams will be using it. It’s a center-spot for the community.”

For more information on the project and how to donate see Edgewood Schools’ website.

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