Do you have info on recurring graffiti tag in Eaton?

Someone is spraying graffiti on businesses, parks, apartments and on vehicles overnight in Eaton.

“GSLS420,” the reoccurring graffiti tag, is said to stand for the Grove City Gang.

"It's always troublesome when you have a group of people who list themselves as a gang," Detective Brian Carpenter told News Center 7's Monica Castro.

Carpenter said this was the first they heard of the gang.

Reports of vandalism were called in by local businesses when the tags began multiplying. The first report was made Wednesday.

Graffiti taggings were reported at the following places:

  • Eaton Little League Baseball Complex (corner of Maple and Lexington)
  • Danielle's Dance Academy, 1318 N. Barron St.
  • Northedge Apartments, 210 Eaton Lewisburg Road
  • Preble County DD Board Van, 200 Eaton Lewisburg Road
  • A couple cases in the 100 block of Barron Street
  • The Former Stable, 507 N. Barron St.
  • Frisch's, 1204 N. Barron St.

Suspects could be charged with criminal damaging, if found responsible.

Eaton detectives are working to learn the so-called gang’s agenda.

Anyone with information on the vandalism is urged to call police at 937-456-5531.

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