Victim taken to hospital after alleged assault by man in sweater vest

Police were called to the area of High and Main streets at 1:49 a.m. April 7 along with emergency medical personnel on a report of a man being assaulted.

Police arrived to find the victim bleeding from the head and leaning against a table on which there was a puddle of blood.

He was assisted to sit at a nearby bench and was examined by medical personnel who then took him to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, where several staples were required to close his wound.

Witnesses provided conflicting descriptions of the incident and the alleged assailant. The general description was of a while college-age male wearing a sweater vest but the color of the vest was described differently by witnesses.

Investigation is continuing and police are looking for better witness descriptions and invite anyone with information to contact the department.

If you have information about the alleged assault, call police at 513-523-4321.

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