Teen testifies in trial of Fairfield teacher accused of sex crimes

A 16-year-old Fairfield High School student testified Monday for more than 90 minutes that teacher Tyler Conrad touched her inappropriately in his classroom and at a Ross Twp. home.

Conrad, 27, of Hamilton, is charged with two counts of sexual battery, sexual imposition and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. His bench trial began Monday.

Conrad and the girl exchanged more than 2,000 text messages and 70 calls during an inappropriate relationship in 2016, according to Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Heile.

Defense attorney Christopher Pagan said there was no inappropriate relationship involving the teen and his client and grilled the girl on her statement to investigators versus her testimony Monday in court.

The girl said she told told a church youth leader about the incidents with Conrad after attending a church program in the fall of 2016. That leader reported the incidents and the investigation began.

The teen said at first Conrad would rub her shoulder and her leg. When the end of the school year came, Conrad put his number in the girl’s cell phone, saying that she could call him on his birthday.

“He said, ‘I don’t know how I am going to go the whole summer without you,’ ” the girl testified.

Conrad constantly asked to pick her up, she said, and finally she agreed.

The girl said in the summer of 2016, Conrad picked her up from the pool and took her to a house in Ross Twp.

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“He kissed me on the couch, then carried me into the bedroom,” the teen said.

The girl said Conrad touched her on the outside of her private area. She was uncomfortable and he stopped, she said.

Twice during the 2016 school year, the teen said Conrad put his hand in her private area, making penetration, the teen said.

“He always knew when I was uncomfortable with something and stopped,” the girl said.

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During cross-examination, Pagan sifted through transcripts from the girl’s interview with police and social workers in which she did not give the same details.

Pagan pointed out the teen is an “excellent student” and asked her if she could remember any dates of the incidents or even a range of dates.

She could not.

The girl said at first she did not tell police the whole truth.

“It wasn’t necessarily that I was lying. I was scared to tell the truth,” the teen said.

A 17-year-old girl, who identified herself as the alleged victim’s best friend, testified she was told by her friend about the sexual activity involving the teacher.

The girl said her friend told her Conrad had been kissing her and touched her private area, including making penetration. She said before her friend told her about the activity, she noticed Conrad gave her special treatment.

During defense questioning, the girl said her friend told her about the incident at the Ross Twp. house on Memorial Day weekend.

Pagan said Conrad has an alibi for Memorial Day weekend 2016.

“From May 27 through June 6 he was in Florida,” Pagan said.

The trial continues Tuesday when the recorded police interview with Conrad is expected to be played for Judge Keith Spaeth, who will decide the case.

Conrad has been placed on administrative leave without pay by Fairfield City Schools, pending the outcome of the case.

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