Pregnant woman accused of baking roommate’s pet ferret ‘as revenge’

  • Chelsea Todaro
  • Palm Beach Post
2:04 p.m Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 Crime news

A pregnant woman of 32 weeks was arrested in New Hampshire on Wednesday for allegedly baking her roommate’s pet ferret alive--killing it, police said. 

Officers found the ferret stuck to the bottom of the oven with burn marks after Ivana Clifford, 32, put the roommate’s 2-year-old ferret in the oven and turned on the heat, WHDH reports. Clifford told officers she killed the animal as revenge on her roommate for stealing her clothes. 

But the roommate told police that Clifford killed her pet because the ferret “nipped her on the foot,” WHDH reports. 

Clifford face charged of animal cruelty and is being held at the local jail on a $10,000 bond.