Police: Mom turns in son accused of robbing GameStop in Fairfield

Credit: Doug Day

Credit: Doug Day

Fairfield police arrested a 17-year-old boy late Thursday after his mother turned him in for allegedly robbing a GameStop on Ohio 4 earlier that morning.

The teen, a Fairfield High School student who turns 18 next week, was recognized by his mother and others after they saw the surveillance photo released by Fairfield police, said police spokesman Officer Doug Day. He is charged with delinquency to wit aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony, because he allegedly had a handgun, he said.

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According to police, while the clerk was turned away from the counter, the teenager pulled a handgun from his pants, went behind the clerk  and grabbed her around the neck while placing the handgun to her head.

The teen allegedly stole approximately $450 from two cash registers, had $59.99 loaded onto a PlayStation+ card and $74.99 onto a PS4 NBA 2K20 card for in-game purchases.

A distraught female clerk called 911 after he left the store, heading north on Ohio 4. GameStop is in a plaza adjacent to Jungle Jim’s.

“I know he went off in a certain direction, but I didn’t see a car, I didn’t see anybody pull out,” the clerk said.

She tried to call 911 before the 17-year-old left, but took the store’s cordless phone, valued at $50.

The teen appeared in court Friday morning before Judge Ronald Craft, but did not enter a plea. He is scheduled to reappear in the juvenile court at 9 a.m. on March 16. He was remanded back to the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center.

Fairfield police were dispatched at 10:32 a.m. Thursday on GameStop, 5378 Dixie Highway.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office dispatched a K-9 officer to assist Fairfield police in locating the suspect.

Surveillance footage from Planet Fitness, which is behind GameStop, showed the teen heading toward Jungle Jim’s. Police asked Jungle Jim’s loss prevention staff to review their video surveillance. The teen’s dark-colored hoodie was found discarded in a Jungle Jim’s restroom and the phone discarded in a toilet.

Fairfield High School reported to the teen’s parents he was not at school on Thursday, police said.

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