14 people arrested in Butler County drug sweep

The Butler County Undercover Regional Narcotics Taskforce (B.U.R.N.) arrested 14 people in connection with a county-wide investigation into individuals who had outstanding drug-related warrants, according to a statement released by Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

Jones said that the ongoing problem with heroin in Butler County is something the community and law enforcement need to work together to get rid of.

He added that at least a couple times a year, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office conducts sweeps on those who have outstanding warrants.

“Each year, I like to clean house,” Jones said in his statement. “Heroin is a problem in this community, and I am tired of it. The public is tired of it. Hard-working people are tired of it, and this is just one more way to get these criminals off the street.”

According to the Butler County Coroner’s Office, last year there were 189 deaths that were drug related, and 149 of those deaths were directly related to heroin. As of June of this year, there were 93 deaths that were drug related, 74 were directly related to heroin.

“Eighty percent of people who died, died because of heroin,” Jones said. “It is ridiculous and allowing amnesty is ridiculous and it won’t work. We have to stop enabling criminals. As long as these people commit these crimes, I will charge them.”

Sgt. Jason Owens said the charges the 14 arrested will face are mostly felonies and are all related to heroin use or trafficking.

“We have planned this for a while,” Owens said. “And it was a good day for us. We arrested 14 people during this operation, and we have more arrests coming.”

Jones said he will “continue to randomly conduct these sweeps and get these people off the street.” He said he would “like to thank the U.S. Marshal’s Office for their assistance with this successful operation.”

The following 14 people were arrested and charged in connection with a county-wide drug sweep by the B.U.R.N. Unit:

1. S’dori Sims 115 Algonquin Drive Possession of drugs F-4

2. William Simms 516 S 4th Street (Hamilton) Weapo ns under disability F-3

3. Rochelle VanWinkle 1205 Long St. #2 Trafficking F-4

4. William Gregory 7934 West Chester Rd. Trafficking F-2

5. Debbie Agee 1640 Irma Ave. (Hamilton) Soliciting M-3

6. Wayne Adkins 3870 Hammond Blvd. (Hamilton) Trafficking F-5

7. Patrick McCoy 980 Shuler Ave. Possession of chemicals F-3

8. Sylvia Windwalker 4904 Cinn Brookville Trafficking F-3

9. Darrell Colwell 206 Elsmere St. (Middletown) Trafficking F-5

10. Roberta Turner 312 N. 6th St. (Hamilton) Trafficking F-3

11. David Gayhart 2 Maple St. (College Corn) Trafficking F-4

12. Jalen Dent 700 16th Ave. (Middletown) Trafficking F-5

13. Joseph Sketl 961 Ashcreek Dr. (Centerville) Trafficking F-4

14. Kalib Stapleton 5185 College Corner Pk. Trafficking F-5

The B.U.R.N. Unit lists the following as “at-large” with possible charges in connection with its drug sweep:

1. Adrian Platt 115 Algonquin Dr. Trafficking. F-4

2. Charles Rudd 2800 Dixie Hwy #119 Trafficking F-5

3. Herman Overby 1091 Pennington Ct. (Cincinnati) Trafficking F-3

4. Dierre Peterson 1268 S. 2nd St. (Hamilton) Trafficking F-5

5. Shelby Knapp 1865 NW. Washington Trafficking F-5

6. Gabrielle Disney 6 N. 10th St. (Hamilton) Trafficking F-5

7. Robert Brooks 759 Gordon Smith #4 Trafficking F-4

8. Joshua Hudson 11032 Quailridge #4 (Cincinnati) Trafficking F-5

9. Eddie Willis Jr. 926 S. 2nd St. (Hamilton) Trafficking F-5

10. Devonte Thornton 2211 Roosevelt (Middletown) Trafficking F-5

11. Andrew Gomez 110 Joan Dr. (Hillsboro) Trafficking F-5

12. Vicki Reese/Adkins 1120 Reservoir St. (Hamilton) Soliciting M-3

13. Brittany Jones 1845 Kahn Ave Trafficking F-5

14. Curtis Jarrett 328 Warr Ln. Trafficking F-5

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