Middletown police released this photo of the person who jumped a counter at Subway on March 3, 2017, pointed a gun at employees but who didn’t steal any money.

Middletown restaurant robbery suspect caught in Atlanta

Cincinnati man who police say was part of ‘serial robberies’ has been indicted 14 months after Middletown robbery.

A man who allegedly walked into a Middletown Subway restaurant with a gun and chased employees out the back door, has been indicted for aggravated robbery and robbery in Georgia.

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In March 2017, Deandre Yates, 21, of Cincinnati, allegedly entered the Subway restaurant on Verity Parkway with a gun to rob the business and employees.

The suspect fled after several employees ran out of the restaurant and called police.

Yates allegedly was part of “serial robberies” in Cincinnati and Georgia, according to Middletown Detective Kristi Hughes.

After Yates robbed the Middletown Subway, he committed another robbery of a Subway in Georgia two days later, according to Hughes.

He was wearing the same clothes in both robberies, she said.

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During the robbery in Georgia, a Subway employee shot Yates in the stomach and he was transported to a local hospital, Hughes said.

The car that dropped off Yates at the hospital matched the description of the vehicle that he drove to the Middletown Subway, she said.

Yates was charged with the robberies after he had multiple surgeries, Hughes said.

Hughes said she believes Yates was part of an “organized group” that was committing robberies throughout the country.

An investigation revealed Yates had robbed a Waffle House in Hamilton County prior to the Subway robbery in Middletown, wearing the same clothes and holding a gun.

Hughes worked with Harrison Police Detective Rick Sak on finding the suspect, investigating the robberies and building a case.

Yates has been indicted in Hamilton County Common Pleas Criminal Court on counts of aggravated robbery and robbery. After he serves 18 months in Cobb County, Ga., he will be extradited back to Hamilton County, Hughes said.

Throughout the 14-month investigation, Hughes said Middletown police built “good relationships” with several other police departments.