Miami University student reports modeling scam

A Miami University student told police she was scammed out of $1,000 after a photographer offered her a fake modeling job.

The student told police she had been contacted through her Instagram account on Sept. 20 by someone claiming to be a photographer for a Texas-based company. Through e-mail, the woman sent a detailed modeling job description with payment information.

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After a series of e-mails, the student received a check for $1,480 and was told to keep $805 and send the rest to a third person who had allegedly been hired as a stylist for the photo shoot.

The student sent the money immediately to the alleged stylist and was contacted several days later by her bank and told the check had “bounced.”

She contacted the would-be photographer about the check and was told to purchase $675 worth of iTunes gift cards and another $100 gift card and send the cards to pay back the money.

At that point, realizing the whole thing was a scam, the student contacted the woman and asked for her $805 back, but she denied receiving it and then blocked her from contacting her again.

An investigation is continuing.

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