Jury convicts Springboro man in death of 2-year-old boy he injured in 2011

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Springboro man already in prison for causing 2-year-old?€™s brain injury tells of accidental fall for 1st time.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

UPDATED @ 5 p.m.:

Jurors found a Springboro man guilty Wednesday of murdering a boy who died in 2016, six years after a traumatic brain injury the man was previously convicted of causing.

Judge Robert Peeler sentenced Jason Milby, 36, to 15 years to life in prison. The decisions came on the third day of Milby’s trial in Warren County Common Pleas Court.

“I hope you rot for what you put my son through,” the boy’s mother said in a statement read by a victim’s advocate. “Your actions will forever invade my dreams.”


The jury is deliberating in the murder trial of a Springboro man accused of causing the death of a boy who died six years after a traumatic brain injury.

When he was indicted in this case, Jason Milby, 36, was near his early release date from prison after being convicted of causing 2-year-old Bryce Shannon’s brain injury in July 2011 while babysitting him and his siblings outside their home on Blose Circle in Springboro.

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The jury began deliberations about noon Wednesday after hearing closing statements on both sides of the case.

Maxwell Kinman, Milby’s lead lawyer, urged the jury to find Milby not guilty, claiming prosecutors failed to prove he was responsible for the boy’s death in 2016.

“Their case is not complete,” he said.

Prosecutors pointed to Milby’s conviction and evidence presented during the trial as justification for a murder conviction.

“Jason Milby hasn’t been brought to justice yet for what he did to Bryce,” Assistant County Prosecutor Travis Vieux said.

If convicted, Milby faces another 15 years to life in prison.