Campers donated to Butler County Sheriff’s Office to help first responders rest during pandemic

Three large campers in the Butler County Sheriff’s Office parking lot are part of preparation for a coronavirus pandemic surge to keep personnel safe and rested.

Last week, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said he received an offer from Jeff Couch, owner of Jeff Couch’s RV Nation in Trenton, to donate the campers for use by deputies and BCSO personnel.

“It is a nice thing to do and we are thankful for it,” Jones said, noting it is part of the department’s preparation for upcoming weeks. “He said, ‘No cost, I will drive them out there and hook them up for you.’ He had them up and running in couple hours.”

Jones said “no we are not camping” in the vehicles, and they are not to house prisoners.

“We are trying to look two and three weeks out,” Jones said. “We are trying to look at what the state is telling us and what the president is telling us. The next two to three weeks is going to be pretty tough. The more employees stay home, the longer some of my employees have to work.

“So we are looking a worst-case scenario, we have a place for them to stay if they need to stay on premises. For a worst-case scenario, our employees don’t want to drive all the way home after working long hours.”

Deputy Chief Anthony Dwyer said preparation is key in the current health emergency.

“Right now, I am operating fine on all cylinders. But if we get some infected people and it runs though the agency, we have got to be prepared,” he said. “We can’t just close the doors.”

Couch said he and his wife are trying to do their part.

“Basically we are just trying to help out. I have a ton of campers. Trying to make sure we do our part to get through this situation,” he said.

Couch said the dealership has been in contact the governor’s office about donating campers to hospitals and other organizations that have people on the front lines.

“It is a place they can go to change and clean before they go home so the don’t give anything to their family and also a place for them to rest in between shifts … just trying to give everyone space,” he said.

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