Attorney and former 700 WLW host jailed after failing drug test

A Cincinnati defense lawyer and radio legal analyst charged with drug offenses in 2016 was jailed Tuesday after allegedly failing a drug screen ordered by a Miami County judge.

Lisa Wells, 41, of West Chester Twp. was in Common Pleas Court for a hearing on her in lieu of conviction agreement with the court as result of the drug offenses.

Judge Jeanine Pratt approved an agreement Tuesday to extend the ILC for six months to allow Wells to complete a treatment program through the state bar association. At the end of the hearing, Pratt ordered Wells to undergo a random drug screen through the probation department.

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She was jailed later in the morning Tuesday after allegedly failing the screen, according to court officials. Wells was listed as on the jail roster as being held for the Adult Parole Authority. She no longer was listed on the jail roster Thursday morning and the jail said she was released after serving a three-day sanction.

A probation violation hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 5, before Pratt. The probation violation notice filed Wednesday alleges Wells on Aug. 27 used cocaine, marijuana and oxycodone.

Wells was charged by state troopers following a Jan. 25, 2016, stop on Interstate 75 in Miami County during which a trooper reported seeing pills on the front seat and assorted pills in her purse during a search. She was indicted on four felony counts of possession of drugs identified as including amphetamines and Oxycodone.

Wells pleaded guilty in 2017 to the four felony counts and one misdemeanor of operating a vehicle while under the influence. The pleas on the drug charges were being held in abeyance while Wells participated in the treatment required as part of the ILC program, as approved by Pratt.

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Wells was summoned to court hearings this spring on whether she had complied during the past two years with conditions of the ILC including filing all reports required under the program. A warrant for her arrest was issued in July by Pratt after she failed to show up for a hearing. Wells later appeared in court with her attorneys without being arrested on the warrant.

Pratt told Wells in 2017 she could be sentenced to 12 months in prison on each of the four felony charges if she violated in in lieu of conviction program terms.

Wells served as a guest and legal analyst on WLW radio.

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