Coroner: Miami student died from complications of alcohol consumption

UPDATE @ 3:15 p.m.: At the time of her death, Buschick's blood alcohol level was .347, more than three times the legal limit, according to the coroner's report.

Buschick’s blood also tested positive for marijuana and an anti-depressant, according to the coroner’s office.

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Dr. James Swinehart, the pathologist who performed the autopsy said “She was lying face down with her head and face in a soft pillow. There was a history of binge drinking and a fall on the sidewalk prior to being placed in her dorm room.”

Swinehart said positional asphyxia may have played a roll in Buschick’s death because she was was found face down. Her death was ruled an accident.

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The Butler County Coroner’s office has ruled a Miami University student died from complications of alcohol consumption.

Erica Buschick, 18, died of complications of acute ethanol toxicity, according to information released today.

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The autopsy results confirm want the Miami University Police investigation showed.

Buschick, of Gurnee, Ill., was a first-year student studying special education. She was found dead on Jan. 20 by her roommate at the Morris Hall on South Maple Street.

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