City manager: $31.3 million Middletown paving project will ‘transform our community’

For years, Middletown residents have voiced their displeasure with the condition of the roads.

In November, they approved a 0.25 percent, 10-year income tax levy that will generate $31.3 million designated for street paving.

On Tuesday night, council members unanimously passed emergency legislation to allow a Cincinnati-based paving company to begin repairing more than 150 lane miles in the city.

The paving project will “transform our community,” said City Manager Jim Palenick.

While Palenick warned there will be detours during the two-year project and residents need to be patient, he said they will be “really pleased with the results.”

Work is expected to start soon and most of it should be complete next year, he said.

Two contractors submitted bids on March 23 for the paving project.

John R. Jurgensen Co. submitted a bid of $26,380,962.95, eight percent lower than the engineer’s estimate and four percent lower than the other competing bid from Franklin-based Barrett Paving Materials Inc.’s bid of $27,450,630, according to the city.

Bonds have been issued and $31,300,047.50 has been deposited in a dedicated Street Levy Fund for exclusive use on street paving, Palenick said.

The project includes 137 lanes miles throughout the city.

Palenick said the additional $4 million from the bonds will be used to pave approximately 20 lane miles of streets. Specific streets will be determined later and will be based upon the same series of prioritized factors used in determining the original bid list, he said.

He said the additional miles may not be paved by the end of 2022 and may “bleed” into 2023.

The remaining balance of $919,084.55 contained within the Street Levy Fund will be used toward construction inspection, materials testing, and project management assistance services ($419,084.55) and an anticipated budget deficit ($500,000) evident for the separately bid and awarded 2021 Local Street Improvements project.

The city has numerous paving projects planned over the next two years at a cost of $51 million. Once those projects are complete, more than 200 lane miles, or one-third of the city’s roads, will be repaved.

Vice Mayor Joe Mulligan thanked voters for their “strong support” of the city.

Ironically, on the same night council approved the paving project, Scott Wright, a Middletown native, complained about the condition of his street during citizen comments.

Wright, who lives on Rusmar Court, called his road “the worst street in the city” and after it was torn up in 2018, it was patched. He said it’s “embarrassing” when family and friends visit.

When Palenick told Wright his street was on the paving project, he lifted his hands skyward.



• Bond proceeds: $31,300,047.50


• 2021-22 Street Levy Paving Project: $26,380,962.95

• Additional contract authorization:: $4,000,000

• Construction inspection, materials testing and project management assistance: $419,084.55

• Budget deficit 2021 Local Street Improvements: $500,000

Total: $31,300,047.50

SOURCE: City of Middletown

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