Butler County still needs poll workers for Aug. 8 special election

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

For the Aug. 8 special election in Ohio, the Butler County Board of Elections is still in need of poll workers.

The BOE said on social media it needs workers especially in Middletown and Oxford, and those who do get paid $200.

Those interested should call (513) 785-5711 as soon as possible.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose recently put out a call for more poll workers throughout the state. Poll workers must be at least 17 years old and registered to vote in their county. They can not be running for election, nor have been convicted of a felony, unless that felony was reversed, expunged, or pardoned.

Butler County Board of Elections officials last week reported voters are turning out in droves to make their voices heard on the sole issue of changing the state’s constitution during early voting for the August special election.

“We have had a steady flow of voters during the first week of early voting,” she said. “Looking back at August 2022, during this first week we have surpassed the total amount of early voting for that whole election,” said BOE Director Nicole Unzicker.

The only question on the ballot asks voters whether the state constitution should be changed, making it harder to make such amendments in the future.

The proposed change would require approval from 60% of voters and that citizen-initiated petitions receive signatures equal to 5% of the voters in the most recent gubernatorial election in all 88 Ohio counties, in order to get on the ballot.

Staff Writers Denise Callahan and Avery Kreemer contributed to this report.

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