Butler County Sheriff hosts new podcast to address safety topics

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones isn’t camera shy — he has been using cameras, microphones and social media for years to inform residents about public safety ... with his opinion often sprinkled in.

So, it is natural that the cowboy-hat and boot-wearing sheriff has launched his own podcast, called “In the Saddle With Richard K. Jones.”

The first podcast, which is also in video form on social media, aired June 21 with the topic of illegal immigration — a subject the sheriff has been vocal about for years. The second podcast featured a defense attorney and outlined the recent changes to the state’s conceal and carry law.

“There is so much, we have a plan every two weeks all the way to the end of the year,” Jones said Tuesday.

The podcasts are recorded by IT employees in a rehabbed closet at the Sheriff’s Office that is now the camera room. Jones said they call it “the green room.”

Episodes air every two weeks on Thursdays.

“We are trying to reach as many people as we can,” Jones said. “We are doing current trends in law enforcement and how to be safe.” Up next, he said, is a look at people are dying from fentanyl and how the drug is being brought across the board in to the U.S.

Jones said he wants to have guests who are experts in the subject matter, whether in the same room or live on a screen.

Most of the segments will be 25- to 35-minutes long and Jones said it’s not difficult for him to knock it out in one take.

“I’ve been doing this a long time,” he said.

More and more, the sheriff’s office and other government agencies have gone to livestream press conferences, and the sheriff’s office posted Facebook Live sessions during the pandemic lockdown, he said.

While most of the podcast will be strictly informative, “we do like to stir it up a little bit,” Jones said with a laugh.

He made it clear recording the podcasts is not a full time job for any of the employees involved.

“Podcasts are the current trend and it reaches a lot of people, which is the goal,” Jones said. “It is great resource. That’s my job to educate people on safety and try to keep them alive.”

The first to episodes can be watched on the sheriff’s office Facebook page or On Apple Podcasts:


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