Butler County raises: What 11 key county officials will make next year

Things to know about Butler County, including history and facts.

Most Butler County elected officials will receive their first raises since 2016 next year.

The legislature authorized 10% raises over two years but most officials had to wait until 2021 to get paid due to election laws.

Judges, prosecutors and sheriff’s will receive 1.75% cost of living increases.

ExploreButler County elected officials will be paid $3M next year: What to know about their raises

Here’s a look at the planned raises for 2021:

Area Courts: 3 judges, no raises from $35,500

Auditor: Roger Reynolds, $104,666 raised to $106,498*


Cindy Carpenter, $93,565 raised to $95,202*

Don Dixon, $84,866 raised to $95,202

T.C. Rogers, $84,866 raised to $95,202

Common Pleas Court: 12 judges, no raises from $14,000**

Clerk of Court: Mary Swain, $75,273 raised to $84,440

Coroner: Dr. Lisa Mannix, $127,563 raised to $143,099

Prosecutor: Michael Gmoser, $140,638 raised to $145,603***

Engineer: Greg Wilkens, $109,378 raised to $122,699

Sheriff: Richard Jones, $115,098 raised to $119,161***

Recorder: Danny Crank, $71,951 raised to $80,714

Treasurer: Nancy Nix, $75,273 raised to $84,440

* Received first raises last year due to election law

** The county only pays a fraction of judicial salaries.

*** Judges, prosecutor and sheriff receive 1.75% cost of living increase.

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