Butler County airport lawsuit dismissed

Butler County is off the hook in a civil lawsuit filed by fired airport manager Ron Davis since a judge dismissed the case.

Davis sued the county in April, saying he was terminated from his $93,710 job because he complained about alleged Federal Aviation Administration rules violations.

Judge Keith Spaeth ordered the case dismissed Tuesday but the file stamped order is not yet available.

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Butler County’s outside attorney Linda Woeber asked the judge to toss the case this summer, for a variety of reasons. She said Davis never documented his claims and his assertion that he was retaliated against doesn’t have support.

“A statute governing acceptable uses of airport revenues, when the airport has been supported by an FAA grant, does not reflect a safety concern or any other Ohio public policy…” Woeber wrote. “… Davis cannot meet the jeopardy element of his burden because he does not assert any facts showing that he put the commissioners on notice that he was vindicating a government policy, rather than his own self-interest.”

Davis wanted his job back and damages, including emotional distress, punitive and more, according to the lawsuit.

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He was airport administrator for 18 years and claimed he was fired for questioning how airport terminal construction was paid for and warehouse space rented at the airport by the sheriff’s department. He said both issues may have violated Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

He has filed a complaint with the FAA that is still under investigation.

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