‘Botness Monster’ adds twist to Butler County’s Crazy Cardboard Regatta

The 2017 Crazy Cardboard Regatta included 38 competing boats at VOA Park.

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The 2017 Crazy Cardboard Regatta included 38 competing boats at VOA Park.

This year’s Crazy Cardboard Regatta featured a new twist — the Botness Monster.

The annual Crazy Cardboard Regatta at MetroParks’ Voice of America Park over the weekend featured 38 competing boats, which was more than the 23 boats that had registered for the event, according to Kelly Barkley, senior manager of community relations. She said the event was treated to the best weather in its history.

Barkley said the the Lakota Robotics Group was a major player in the event. The Robotics Team members used their creation, the Botness Monster, a play on words of Lockness Monster, which trolled the lake, squirting competing boats and more than 1,500 spectators who attended the event. The Botness Monster was a non-competing team at the regatta.

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“These young men and women worked tirelessly over the last months, and particularly the last week, to provide entertainment to the crowd,” Barkley said.

The event benefits the Water Recreation Fund held at The Community Foundation of West Chester/Liberty with the assistance of more than 80 volunteers and MetroParks staff.

According to Barkley, the Foundation has consistently communicated that people tend to be very secretive about the boats that they are creating, and rumor has it that they don’t register ahead of time because they don’t want others to steal their ideas or have a head’s up on their competitive edge. The boats competed for various awards such as the People’s Choice Award, The Judges Choice Award, a victory in The Soggy Bottom Battle.

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The exclusive presenting sponsor is UC Health/West Chester Hospital with an extensive list of other sponsors.

The next regatta is scheduled for July 21, 2018, at VOA MetroPark.

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