Bats had to stay a while at Dayton Lane Gardens in Hamilton

Credit: Submitted photo

Credit: Submitted photo

Not only bedbugs, roaches and mold have been recent problems at the Dayton Lane Gardens, but also bats, resident Kevon Armstrong said this week.

“They were on the elevators with us, they were in the hallways, and there’s a woman who is in a wheelchair, and she was riding down the hallway, and didn’t even know there was a bat on her wheelchair,” Armstrong said. “We shouldn’t have been forced to have to dispose of them, because we weren’t allowed to kill them, so we had to try to catch them, to get them outside of the building.”

Ben Jones, executive director of the Butler Metropolitan Housing Authority, said it took a while to get rid of the bats from the complex at 122 N. 6th St. because they are protected by law.

“It took a little bit of searching, but we found and worked with a certified bat-remediation expert to take them out and remediate the problem,” Jones said. “When the person came out — and we were told this by multiple sources — they said that protected species and we had to wait until the babies matured and could leave the building.”

“As soon as that date passed, they were out there, they closed up all the places where they can get into the building save for one or two, and they put one-way valves on those,” so the creatures could leave but not re-enter, Jones said.

“When we called maintenance said it was not their job to dispose of them,” Armstrong said.

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