Atrium Medical Center in Middletown ranks high on maternity care list

Atrium Medical Center on Union Road in Middletown. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

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Atrium Medical Center on Union Road in Middletown. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

Several local hospitals were named high ranking in maternity care by the U.S. News & World Report, which on Tuesday published its first rankings specifically for best hospitals for maternity care, based on uncomplicated pregnancies.

Atrium Medical Center, operated by Premier Health in Middletown, was considered “high ranking,” along with Kettering Health’s Soin Medical Center and Kettering Medical Center.

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The ranking site at encouraged people to search to find hospitals that provide high-quality labor and delivery services for uncomplicated pregnancies.

It evaluated how well hospitals perform in childbirth using C-section rates, newborn complication rates, breast milk feeding rates, early elective delivery rates and if a hospital offers vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

According to U.S. News, due to the lower age of the patients seeking maternity care, much of the data used in the methodology were collected directly from hospitals rather than from Medicare data.

In part due to this, only hospitals deemed “High Performing” received an actual rating.

Other hospitals that participated in the survey have a scorecard describing their performance on individual metrics, but do not have an overall rating.

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