Area counties receive money to train poll workers

As the Ohio Secretary of State prepares for the Nov. 8 general election, the office will release $760,000 to be proportionately split among the state’s 88 counties to offset some of the cost of mandatory poll worker.

Area counties receiving funds:

  • Montgomery: $36,080.48
  • Greene: $10,979.58
  • Clark: $8,638.26
  • Champaign: $2,515.43
  • Warren: $14,785.16
  • Preble: $2,716.57
  • Darke: $3,342.09
  • Mercer: $2,826.30
  • Miami: $7,043.87
  • Butler: $23,892.16
  • Logan: $3,001.70
  • Shelby: $3,349.91

“Properly trained poll workers are a critical part of ensuring that our elections run smoothly and voters have a positive experience,” said Jon Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State. “These funds will ensure that come Election Day, Ohio’s poll workers are ready.”

The funds are based on the number of registered voters in the counties, and funding will provide for the mandatory training each poll worker is required to complete. New poll workers must go through training before working the polls while those who have previously served only need to go through retraining a minimum of once every three years.

Husted's office outlined in a June directive to the boards of election what poll workers must be trained on. The Ohio Secretary of State's office has awarded almost $2.3 million to poll worker training.

Those interested in becoming a poll worker in any election — including this Sept. 13 special 8th Congressional District election or November's general election — can receive more information online at