Antarctica exhibit opening at Cincinnati museum this fall

The Cincinnati Museum Center is opening an exhibit based in prehistoric Antarctica.

The exhibit, titled ‘Dinosaurs of Antarctica’, will open Oct. 14. The exhibit will also feature a captivating film.

“It’s rare that an exhibition and OMNIMAX film pair together so perfectly, creating experiences that build on and enrich each other,” said Vice President of featured experiences at the Cincinnati Museum Center, Dave Duszynski. “Together, they have the power to immerse you in the prehistoric Antarctic environment and to bring it to life in dazzling detail.”

The showcase boasts real fossils and lifelike dinosaur sculptures. One such sculpture will be 25 feet long.

Another aspect of the exhibit is the inclusion of actual items used in the discovery of ancient artifacts. Such as the sledge used by legendary Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott in his 1910 Terra Nova expedition.

“Dinosaurs of Antarctica pulls back the curtain on the process of scientific exploration,” said Duszynksi. “The dinosaurs themselves garner a lot of attention, but the daring and difficulty of even modern-day Antarctic exploration captivates you in this exhibition and film.”

The exhibit will also offer a five-story immersive dome and virtual-reality experiences.

The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker David Clark, and will run through January 15th, 2023. It is not included with admission but can be added at a discount.

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