Angry ‘Fortnite’ fans hounding local comic book store

Players of “Fortnite” don’t like some of the changes developers have made to the popular video game and for the past few months have mistakenly taken their anger out on a Centeville store.

Epic Loot Games, a Centerville comic book and game store, has been hounded with hundreds of calls from confused players accross the United States attempting to contact the game’s developer.

Epic Loot Games has a similar name to “Fortnite” developer Epic Games. As a result, the local store has dealt with months of complaints and questions about the game.

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“The calls themselves have been a little absurd,” Hunter Davies, an assistant manager at Epic Loot Games, said.

Davies said calls from a few confused players began around February or March, and have since surged in number. Davies said the store once tallied around 170 calls in a single day.

“It definitely takes up our time,” Davies said, adding that despite being an annoyance the calls haven’t affected the business.

Most of the calls go to the store’s main location in Centerville, although it also has a location in Springfield. Calls tend to surge after the game releases a new update or changes in any way, Davies said, adding that he didn’t play “Fortnite.”

“I myself am not really a big shooter person,” he said.

For most players who aren’t rude and screaming, employees try to direct them to the Epic Games’ website, Davies said.

“Basic reading comprehension should let you know you have the wrong number,” he joked.

Epic Games had no comment on the local company’s predicament. Players can email questions and complaints to the company via its website.


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