911 call in Ross High School student shooting: ‘God, dear God’

Butler County Sheriff’s officials released the 911 call made that reported a shooting on Tuesday in Ross Twp. A Ross High School student was killed, and two other students face charges related to the death, including one for the shooting itself.

According to the call reviewed by this news organization, a woman who had just returned home to her residence in the 900 block of Hine Road in Ross Twp. Tuesday evening found a car parked in the driveway and doors to the house open.

“My son just came over and told me there is someone, there is a kid on my couch and ... think he is dead. I don’t know,” the woman told dispatchers. “He was with my son, there was something that happened, I don’t know, my son ran to me and said call the police I need an ambulance. “

The woman said Austin Hensley was bleeding and slouched back over the couch.

“God, dear God … he is not moving. I don’t see any breath,” the woman to dispatched.

The woman said, “Oh God there is a gun.”

She said they owned guns, but they were locked up.

“This is like nothing I have ever seen before,” the woman said. She described it as a shot gun and said it was near Hensley’s hand.

The dispatcher asked, “Do you think he is beyond help?”

The caller answered, “Yes. Yes.”

The caller, her husband and their 17-year-old son were waiting on authorities in the kitchen.

“I am going to let him say what happened,” the woman said when asked by the dispatcher if her son told her what happened.

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