80 Acres to sell its Hamilton-grown produce in more of Kroger’s Midwestern markets

Hamilton-based 80 Acres on Monday will begin shipping its greens and salads to more Kroger markets, including in Columbus, Indianapolis, Lexington and Louisville, the two companies announced.

“We had some stores in the Cincinnati-Dayton area that we’ve been supplying, and they’re ready to expand, and so we’re expanding into four regions,” said 80 Acres spokeswoman Rebecca Haders.

In total, 80 Acres food will be in 316 Kroger supermarkets in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

Aside from Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville and Lexington markets, 80 Acres also will send products to more Kroger stores in the Cincinnati-Dayton region.

“It’s really hitting all the big cities in the surrounding area,” Haders said. “It’s also getting turned on Monday, so it’s very exciting.”

“Everyone deserves easy access to fresh, affordable, delicious food,” said Dan De La Rosa, Group Vice President Fresh Merchandising for Kroger. “This newly expanded partnership means more communities will have just-picked produce at their fingertips 365 days a year. We’re proud to partner with 80 Acres Farms as we work together to create a world with Zero Hunger/Zero Waste.”

Kroger said 80 Acres Farms’ breakthrough technology means the company can grow pesticide-free produce all year long. With locations closer to customers, the farm-to-table carbon footprint and overall food waste are low.

Haders noted her company is harvesting food seven days a week, so fresh-picked produce is always close to being shipped to stores.

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